de•sign (noun)

The art or skill of visually expressing the human imagination.

Shirt Design What good is a custom t-shirt if no one wants to wear it? That's why we always say that there is more to a T-shirt than ink. Our award-winning graphic designers have the talent to deliver the best creations for your organization’s custom t-shirts and logo apparel. Custom tees designed just for you to suit any occasion. Check out our design gallery to sample some of the great custom t-shirts we have created for events, businesses, schools, and ministries.

screen•print•ing (noun)

The forcing of ink onto a surface through a prepared screen of fine material.

screen printing Are you really picky about print registration, ink pantone colors, and screen mesh counts? Maybe you are maybe you are not, but you will be glad to know that we are and we take care of it all just for you. Ink Custom Tees is well known for the exceptional quality control methods we use at our large, state-of-the-art, screen printing factory right outside of Little Rock, Arkansas.   Our expert creative team works hand-in-hand with the screen printing department in order to make sure your visions comes through on each and every custom t-shirt or logo apparel.

em•broi•der•y (noun)

The art or pastime of decorating cloth with stitches.

embroidery Whether it's custom embroidered golf shirts, caps, twills, or even backpacks; at Ink Custom Tees our in-house embroidery department is ready to help you get your logo apparel just right. Our customer service team would love to work with you to find the right embroidered product for your business, school, ministry, or event. We can custom embroider almost anything to fit your needs. Nothing is more official than embroidered apparel that has your logo on it. Come take a tour of our facility and see why our clients have made us one of the largest garment decorators in the South!

ful•fill•ment (noun)

The performance of a task, duty, or role as required, pledged, or expected.

screen printing Looking for a easy way to set up an online company store for your organization? We, at Ink Custom Tees, may be able to help. Ink fulfillment is set up to provide a client service team, an e-commerce store, and a warehouse and shipping department to handle your t-shirt orders and take the hassle out of ordering logo apparel. We make it easy for you to serve the world with your custom tees or custom apparel. Come take a tour of our facility and talk to us about performing a free diagnostic on your company store needs. Let us see if we might be a profitable solution for those distribution headaches.

mar•ket•ing (noun)

The action of promoting and selling products using market research and advertising.

screen printing It's one thing to create a great custom t-shirt for your organization (school, camp, church, family reunion, fundraiser, business). It's quite another to make sure that custom t-shirt gets on the backs of as many buyers as possible. Use our experience to improve your profits with merchandise. Dedicated to helping you increase your sales, the Ink marketing team uses print media, social media, email blasts, and custom ad development to make t-shirt promotions easy and profitable. Come tour our facility and talk to our customer service team about your own custom merchandising plan for logo apparel.

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