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It’s here. Whether you were ready for it or not, 2018 has arrived and last year is so - well, last year! But before we set our goals and made our resolutions, we took a long look at 2017 to ask ourselves what was great about it. As a business, the answer tends to be all about materials. “How many shirts did we print? How many designs did we do? Wait - we spent how much on this new industrial dryer?!" (That one’s probably just us.) At the end of all these numbers, there’s still this small voice that asks -

All that is very good, but what made 2017 great?

Last year was good because of how much we received, but what made 2017 truly great is how we were able to give back. Last year, we gave nearly $20,000 to charity!

Here are 3 of the ways Ink has recently given back:


Special Olympics Polar Plunge


Have you ever jumped into 38° water? Well, we don’t recommend it unless you’ve got a really good reason! Last month, we suited up (in t-shirts of course) and plunged into the freezing waters of Lake Willastein Park in Maumelle for the 4th year in a row. You have to be crazy to do it the first year, but each year after that feels better and better. We’re so proud of our team for showing up with the largest participation yet - resulting in a $1,100 donation for Special Olympics Arkansas!




Christmas Family Giving


 While Christmas is "the most wonderful time of the year" for many, life doesn’t always deliver on that sentiment. The holidays are hard for very many families - especially when a loved one is battling illness. Through the Heroes and Angels Organization, we heard of a family whose daughter was spending her holiday season in chemotherapy, and we decided to step in. While they spent time together, we took their entire Christmas list and checked off the items one-by-one, hopefully making their Christmas a little more merry.




Best Shirt of 2017 Contest


When our team at Ink partners to give back each year, it’s amazing how it unifies and encourages everyone involved. How great would it feel to share that with one of our customers? As it turns out - it feels really, really great. We hosted our first ever “Best Shirt of the Year” competition and partnered with six amazing organizations to showcase their designs. The winner with the most votes was to receive a $2,000 donation from Ink to a charity of their choice, and that winner (with over 40,000 votes) was Conquer The Gauntlet! We’ve worked with the team at CTG for five years now, and they’ve always had a huge heart for men and women serving in the military. So, it was no surprise at all when they asked us to give that donation to Folds of Honor - an organization that provides scholarships to the children of fallen veterans. 




Reflecting on everything that happened last year, there’s one word that sums up how we feel about 2017 - grateful.

We’re grateful for all the business we received. We’re grateful to employ so many talented, hard workers. We’re grateful for all the ways we were able to give back. But most of all, we’re grateful for our customers, because printing their t-shirts makes all of this possible.

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