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Don't be fooled. Even though we're called Ink Custom Tees, that doesn't mean we don't know a thing or two about custom caps!

Here recently, we've been doing more caps than ever, and our clients LOVE them.

Here are 3 reasons why people love caps.



1. One Size Fits All

One of the hardest things about ordering t-shirts is trying to guess what size will be most popular. It never fails... you plan for a lot of Small sizes, but then everyone wants a Medium. In the end, you're sold out of Mediums, but you've got way too much inventory in Smalls. That headache completely goes away when it comes to adjustable caps! Snapbacks, velcro closures, and leather straps will become your best friends.


2. More frequent exposure

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my t-shirts. However, if I wear my favorite t-shirt more than once a week, I'm going to get some strange looks (no matter how good I look)! The beautiful thing about a cap is that there is no "unwritten rule" about how often you can wear it. It's very likely that your cap will look good with many of your customers favorite outfits. If that is the case, and your customer is the hat-wearing type, then you'll get way more frequent exposure through your caps than you will your shirts.


3. Caps are always in season

I've got 2 caps that I wear all the time. One is a grey flatbill with a snapback and a simple logo embroidered on the front. The other is blue and black with alternating corduroy and mesh panels, and a leather patch logo on the front (I know...sounds crazy... but it's awesome). They're both very different caps with different materials, colors, and fits. However, they have one thing in common: They can be worn any time of the year. If you order caps, you won't have to worry about short sleeve, long sleeve, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. You'll be able to sell your caps year-round.


Any company that sells custom hats will tell you that these 3 reasons are why they're in the headwear game. If you don't currently offer caps, now is a great time to try them! Why? Because it's Summer time.

What do people do in the summer? 

Some people hike, climb and get sweaty. Others go to the lake, beach, or float on the river. Some spend their summers going to baseball games, soccer games, and other outdoor events. Regardless, what do all of these fun-loving Summer people have in common? 

They're all wearing caps, and they could be wearing yours!


Order Some Caps!


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Happy Jim Halpert 




Caleb is the Creative and Marketing Director for Ink Custom Tees. The quotes in this article were written by accounts that he has helped by working with them to improve their merchandise strategies.

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